Photographer: Erin Coleman

LACMA Museum, Los Angeles, CA.


Designer Stefanie Houlis was born and raised in Chicago, IL.  Growing up in a major city, Stefanie was always inspired by art and its reflection of culture.  She would often times be found meandering around the Modern Art wing of Chicago’s Art Institute.  If she wasn’t spanning hours at the museum she would be at any and all art venues immersing herself in music, live shows, installations, and performance pieces.

 Her love for culture and society fostered her first degree.  In 2004, she graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelors in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.  Although her experience with culture was well rounded, she still sought creative endeavors that would foster her design career.  

Stefanie’s infatuation with art and design lead to that of fashion specifically.  She loves graphic design, print & surface design, and any incorporation of innovative textiles within clothing.  

“To me, clothing is art.  Designing is perhaps the truest form of self expression.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the design process come to fruition.  Coming up with a concept, sketching, researching, and ultimately setting a tone.  And then to finally cut and sew together your creation.  There really is nothing more gratifying to me”.


Label:  'Stefanie Says' launched June of 2014

'Stefanie Says' is an innovative Women’s Ready to Wear label brought to you by head designer, Stefanie Houlis. The woman who wears this collection is vivacious and confident. These unique garments are constructed with a futuristically modern hand, promoting fashion forward architectural silhouettes. Stefanie’s goal is to allow women to feel transformed and individualized by her clothing.